Battery Replacement Services

Battery Replacement Services

Usually, the first sign that your car battery needs replacing is when you race out the door, leap frantically into your car, turn the key, and… nothing happens.

When should you replace your battery?

Don’t wait until you are stuck in your driveway, or on the side of the road while you are on your way to that life changing meeting with no time to spare before you consider whether your battery needs to be replaced!

If your battery is four or five years old, or you have noticed that your battery is performing poorly or your car has not been starting as well as it should, then don’t wait any longer! We have the right car battery at the right price with free installation. Replace your failing battery now with a high performing replacement battery from Bosch with All River Batteries.



Here is a checklist that will help you determine if your battery needs replacing:

  • Slow engine crank. When you attempt to start the vehicle the cranking of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start.
  • Engine Light. Check Engine Light comes on
  • Low battery fluid level. Car batteries typically have a part of the casing that is translucent so you can keep an eye on your battery’s fluid level. If you see that the fluid level is below the lead plates it is time to have the battery tested or replaced.
  • Swelling batter case. If your battery casing looks swollen or bloated, this is caused by excessive heat and this will drastically decrease the life of your battery. Make sure you have it tested or replaced.
  • Worn out battery. It is possible for a battery to last well beyond three years but it is advisable to have your battery tested annually after it is three years old.


What affects the life of my car battery?

  • Short trips. If you mainly take short trips in your car (less than 20 mins), your battery won’t have enough time to recharge. This will shorten its life expectancy.
  • Extreme temperatures. Sometimes temperatures can be scorching! If your car is parked in full sun during the summer, the high temperatures can shorten your battery life. Then once the cold weather finally comes around, your heat worn battery can’t perform and will die.
  • Age. The life expectancy of most car batteries on the market today is between three to five years.


Bosch Replacement Batteries

Bosch batteries set the benchmark for performance batteries allowing you to drive without the worry of a failing battery. We carry an extensive range of Bosch batteries that covers most makes and models of vehicles, and we also provide a specialized order service for any unique vehicles or special battery requirements. We are happy to order your choice of Bosch or Trojan battery if we do not currently have it in stock.

Get in touch now 1300 All RIVER (1300 584 630) to discuss your exact requirements for a battery replacement and we can determine the perfect solution for your vehicle.


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